IT Support

IT Support, Software Management, Real-Time Backup

Responsive Support As You Need It

Our prompt response is something we are proud of. Remote support finds any issue rapidly and fixes them without the presence of an onsite engineer; and when you need further technical help we'll send an engineer.

Response & Support 24/7

IT never stops. Internal systems need a dynamic approach and our experts are here for you. 

We'll pick up your support request promptly with our typical response being just 20 minutes.

Our existing small to medium business clients have experienced our fast approach and, using seamless technology, our experts know we'll have your IT systems running as they should be - in most cases no downtime is experienced.

Continuous IT Business Processes

Downtime causes real issues and understanding your core business processes means we can reduce the impact.

Whatever software you have, nothing is too complex for RareBreed.

Our key IT support drivers are clear - providing continuity for business clients across the globe.

We concentrate on support for:

  • Commerce
  • Data Capture
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Applications
  • Email Marketing

And many more industries.

Unlimited & Uncomplicated Support

Simply put, our capabilities are endless. Our IT Support is delivered under an agreed monthly fixed payment and our IT clients know that without us even issues that seem uncomplicated can snowball into major problems.

Where you need to take customer orders, track their progress and despatch on time, any glitch can cost you ten-fold if not found and fixed quickly.

If you rely on reporting and a section of your IT system isn't running to its optimum level, there's a chance you won't be able to grow and develop your company in future.

Through unlimited support we monitor, maintain and fix business IT systems so you can concentrate on core processes without racking up unnecessary costs.

24 Hour Support

The IT infrastructure of any business plays a vital role.

With cloud backups, 24 hour monitoring, project management, network security, website management and maintenance our team are there whenever you need us.

Whichever service option you select our remote service desk is always available, meaning essential work can be completed outside of your normal working hours.

In-depth knowledge, Service & Support

We'll audit your software, increase your performance and ensure your business can grow as you're ready to. All this without the need for physical space needed to house servers. 

Many companies opt for remote service desk support and cloud management which mean affordable offsite storage and technical assistance that gains direct access to your systems without compromise.

Avoiding Downtime Risk

Any small period of downtime can cause issues. We'll have your systems restored and running as they should whilst still allowing you to work on the user interface - without interruption.

Boosted IT Performance

Continuity; excellent performance, reliability and security:

Four of the basics needed when planning and maintaining IT systems.

Our experts offer just that.

RareBreed supports the essential parts of your IT infrastructure giving you an incomparable service no matter where in the world you are.


Quality support that is responsive and delivered remotely to get you back working quickly

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