Cloud Backup

Secure Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Online backup services are plenty at present. We stand out because the RareBreed team are technical experts and offer one of the leading remote backup server options available to clients in the UK, Europe and farther afield.

Backing up with the cloud is so much easier. It saves the traditional storage space required to house servers and retains data offsite where it's safe.

Our experts give you dedicated storage solutions where your backups are accessible, the software used under the cloud is scalable, and where your essential disaster recovery plan has something solid to rely on.

Backup & Storage Solution Features

  • An SLA for disk availability
  • Ideal for large volumes of data
  • Online configuration and maintenance
  • Ongoing support
  • Any server can communicate to any storage device

In simple terms the data storage solutions available to our UK, Australian, Canadian, American and worldwide clients are hugely reliable and the space is designed to fit the data storage needed.

Block Level Data De-duplication

Data deduplication is essential when moving data to the cloud. 

We will eliminate any redundant data, replacing those sections so that transferring unwanted data doesn't continue to cost your business money.

In turn this improves the storage and bandwidth demand, reducing storage costs.

Business Benefits of Cloud Hosting 

We can inform you of all the dynamic features of cloud hosting, though we're different. The business benefits on offer to you are outstanding on all levels and we'll design your hosting and backup package to suit your unique way of working.

Why choose RareBreed for secure cloud backup?

A number of reasons:

  • We let our clients utilise leading technology that are continuously updated and upgraded without disruption.
  • Focus is given to your IT infrastructure - we get to know you and your business - without any interruption to your daily processes.
  • Save on capital as no physical space is needed to house servers and backup/storage equipment.
  • Grow, or shrink, your business as you wish; the software we use is scalable which ensures you need no capital investment when you decide to 'go big' or downsize.
  • Our dedicated and managed cloud hosting gives you flexibility to backup data constantly and access it directly as often as you need.

Why are we RareBreed? 

Our experts choose only 'best-in-breed' technologies; hardware, software and equipment that compares with the rest.


Quality support that is responsive and delivered remotely to get you back working quickly

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