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Agility, simplicity and flexibility. Three things that IT technologies should offer yet still many businesses rely on more antiquated systems that are still being managed in-house; costing more capital.

RareBreed provides an unparalleled IT consultancy service. Offering fully managed support and monitoring 24 hours a day, cloud hosting, multiple backups, disaster recovery abilities - along with the best software, hardware and equipment available.

The talented team at RareBreed consult in highly technological environments. We have high standards as a Managed Service Provider and ensure that each client receives superb IT support and services.

Industries Served by RareBreed

Our technical services team have years of experience and use expertise to deliver progressive technology-based solutions.

We'll advise on software, hardware, applications, networking, cloud hosting and equally as important will improve business performance through analysing and implementing a solid IT infrastructure.

The industries we have, and continue to advise, consult and offer IT management to include:

1. Financial Services

IT support and consultancy is offered to financial institutions of any size. Clients of this type rely heavily on concrete IT systems that offer excellent data storage and disaster recovery solutions.

2. Start-Ups

Every business has a starting point and start-ups are the ideal companies in which to place a solid infrastructure. Our custom built solutions involve reduction in high set-up costs, improving on operating costs rather than including IT outlay as 'capital', and creating a system that can grow as your business does.

3. TV & Film

The film and television industry requires bespoke rights management software which can manage contracts databases and can be configured on a cloud-based platform. Building within a combined PC and mac environment ensures positive customer relations whilst protecting intellectual assets.

4. eCommerce

Regional, national and international eCommerce clients benefit from RareBreeds' focus on managed cloud hosting and data storage. IT solutions in this category have proven to increase reliability and reduce operating costs.

We of course don't focus solely on the mentioned industries. All of our clients have a different focus, something that is more important to them than the next company. 

Our experts realise that everything should work smoothly together. 

Core technology should be cost effective and, ideally, cost reducing. All companies are challenged in managing a huge number of issues and IT forms a major part of every business. 

IT Infrastructure, Rebuilt Through Consultancy

By employing practices that are already proven to work and continuously revising and updating our business knowledge, we can help yours.

Whether you need cloud hosting, networking, applications, clever interfaces, intelligent platforms...

Our talent will focus on what you want to improve or implement. When our clients need consultancy and IT advice, they come to us for a worldwide, first-class solution that works.


Quality support that is responsive and delivered remotely to get you back working quickly

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