Managed IT

Total Managed IT Solutions

Delivering IT Infrastructure Consistently

IT management as simply put as we can means offloading your IT management to a trusted service provider. In turn this allows you to remove the responsibility of managing, monitoring and problem solving from you and your team and allows our team to do it for you.

Reducing Costs

Our pricing structure ensures clients have predictable costings every month. In turn this helps to manage IT processes without the risk associated with maintaining systems in-house where financial risk can be detrimental to the running of any business.

Clever budgeting is essential to any business, we'll help you control costs and avoid unwelcome surprises where maintenance of IT is concerned.

Controlling Your IT Systems

RareBreed will assume responsibility of your IT systems, 24 hours per day no matter where you are in the world.

Our core focus on IT management blends speed with growth and simplicity with complexity that our clients have no need to be concerned about.

We overcome the challenges in scaling IT systems have have access to the best toolsets, software, hardware, equipment and talented engineers. Our experts will give you 24/7 support and monitoring, leading options in cloud hosting and backups, disaster recovery and we're there when IT issues occur on the 'shop floor'.

IT Management - What You Need

Under Service Level Agreements we give your business:

  • Optimised IT management designed against specific SLA's
  • New IT infrastructure that an experienced team will integrate seamlessly
  • The core focus of improving old, and introducing new, IT operations and processes
  • Advanced IT frameworks specifically designed to maintain and manage complex and perse processes
  • Increases from a team to improve infrastructure design and influence positive IT values
  • Advanced systems that are built to discover and remediate problems as they occur

IT Advice, Consulting, Management & Support

Our consultation time will help refine what your business needs and what's in place right now. What it also does is leave you fully informed of the services offered to you where you can make the right choices when it comes to procedures tailored to fit in with your business and your budget.

We make solid investments when it comes to our core services. It allows us to provide exceptional value with more than just giving clients simple rackspace. With IT infrastructure management, cloud hosting, 24/7 monitoring and problem detection, our skilled IT talent is here for you, right now.

Is Managed IT Right for Your Business?

If your business is growing and the need to store, track and report data is rapidly increasing then you need us.

Where IT professionals are becoming hard to find and retain, or it's costing more to hire those with different skills for varying areas of your IT infrastructure, you need us.

When your systems are becoming harder to manage, monitor and repair you need us.

If managing risk, security and of course capital is getting out of hand and spiralling out of control, you need RareBreed.

RareBreed's Comprehensive Managed Service Suites

We are the one partner you need to manage your IT, help to maintain it, and build on its capabilities. Moulding your IT infrastructure to suit unique business is something we have core focus on.

Rather than go with a multitude of service providers, our skilled talent will take on the challenges your business has to face and advise on their complex nature and manage your technology environment ensuring it grows as your company does - organically and naturally.


Quality support that is responsive and delivered remotely to get you back working quickly

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