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Is Your Website Just a Website?

Clearly a marketing tool, a website isn't 'just' a website. It's what would traditionally be called your shopfront - plenty of passers by who are enticed into your store from outside will turn your costs and outlay around into profits.

That said, it isn't simply about how much you spend on marketing, because if you don't develop a clear strategy then chances are your input into this area will fail in another.

Online Presence, Working Website

Having a website designed isn't just about how pretty it looks, or how you want it to look... 

This is because your business depends on your customers, your customers want to be drawn in and you have usually one chance and often too much competition to chance getting it wrong. 


As a start-up you're in the best position to develop a website that works now and can work for you in the background as your company grows. 

Medium Business

As a medium-sized business you have to keep up with demand for progressive websites that offer as much interchangeable activity as your customers need.

Growing Company

Business is dependent on finances and getting visitors to an attractive and interactive site means finances can be pulled in. Your brand will hold good design and show brand value. So will your website.

Marketing in a Website

All websites we create encapsulate brand value, marketing strategy and of course include a Content Management System (CMS) so that you and your staff have an easy-to-use interface.

Marketing isn't just on a website page, it's behind the scenes. 

Web development is tailored to what your business needs. We also provide add-ons such as applications, cloud hosting and much more that means your business can rely on us as a partner to your IT demands.

Then we'll advise you on your marketing if you want us to.

In summary we will:

Plan Your Website

Our experts will analyse competitors after getting to know your business, and your requirements including growth potential.

The initial meeting can be held remotely if required and we'll ensure that we cover business needs, research into keywords and your unique marketing strategy, your competitor market and then provide you with a proposal on costs. 

Design & Develop a Website

Once we have a frame put into place and you are agreed, our website development and design team will put into place the draft design, layout, navigation and any customer functions needed.

We'll then put into place:

  • Content Management System style/design
  • Front End Development
  • Browser and User Testing
  • Device Tests
  • Programming (once sign-off is received)

Further Testing

Once we start our RareBreed talent will continue with user tests so that we can take your website live. Before we make it live you will be asked to test it too. When your testing is complete and your agreement is received we'll go live.

24/7 Support, Maintenance & Web Management

As a satisfied client your SLA will include ongoing support which means we'll:

  • Promote and market your website
  • Optimise your web pages
  • Add news and blog posts
  • Update your website content
  • Build on social media
  • Provide an online marketing plan

Our team will provide you with an ongoing Service Level Agreement so that you have constant assistance with your development and web marketing strategy. With the CMS that we build for you, you have clear admin access and can change items and gain an insight into the workings of your website - with our training if you wish.


Quality support that is responsive and delivered remotely to get you back working quickly

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